Hydroponic NFT Channel and Techniques Explained

NFT is meant for Nutrient Film Technique and it is one of the best hydroponic systems used in these days. In most of the hydroponic NFT channels, the nutrient solution is kept in the tank or above the tank with plants. This solution is then pumped from the tank to the tray and flows over the plants to go back to the main tank. It is ready to be re-circulated back over and over plant roots. The nutrient thin film offers all the elements that the plants need.


Hydroponic Propagation

A constant flow of water and nutrition to the plant’s roots as well as plentiful oxygen are meant for consistent results and greater uptake of nutrients and water solution. By this method, the plants will get the balanced water from root to trunk. In other words, The plants are never under or over watered in this way.

The plants that grow with NFT techniques has proven to supply 4 times greater yield than the conventional growing methods. It makes your garden more productive.

Here are some NFT hydroponic tips discussed below:

  • First of all, make sure that the plants have healthy roots before going into the system. The roots should be big enough so that it may be possible to see the roots on the outside of starter media.
  • As a general rule, keep the plant as per square foot. It can be increased or decreased depending upon the variety of the plant you grow.
  • Water the plant 24X7. There is no need for any feeding schedule or timer.
  • Remove all the waste products like plastic wrapping from around rock wool cubes or pots. By doing this, the roots can access even more vital oxygen.
  • Ensure that you are using the correct feeds that a specific hydroponic NFT channel formulate for the recirculating hydroponic systems.

By following these simple steps you will be on the successful track of Hydroponic Propagation and hydroponic NFT system grows. In my point of view, if you once kill the yields or grow plants with this method, you will never look back to the conventional methods of growing plants.

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Top 5 Tips For An Aquaponic System Design

It is very easy to build an aquaponic system, If you want to set up an aquaponic system, you should have at least basic knowledge of aquaponics. Aquaponics is a production of vegetables and fish which live in a symbiotic relationship. The fish provide the fertilizer for the plants to grow, and plants consume the nutrients, they help purify the water so that the fish live in.


Aquaponics Australia

There are top 5 tips for designing an aquaponic system:

1)  Location: The most important thing is you should think about the place where you put your aquaponic system. It is the place where the plants and fish will develop properly. Ensure that the room temperature is not too high, nor too low where you place the aquaponic system. To obtain good results, for the plants, they need enough light to prepare their food and no wind or extreme weather conditions around them.

2)  Oxygenizing the water: The trick here is to keep the water oxigenized on a daily basis to ensure that your fish are comfortable. The happier your fish are, the better your system will work.

3)  Choosing your fish accordingly: You can choose all kinds of fish for aquaponic system, but some countries are allowed you to choose some kind of fish. It depends on the law, they have. You have to know that if you do not want any problems with the law.

4)  Placing the pots: You should place the pots and whole system at waist level so that it will be very easy for you to reach. This is very important when you harvest from your system.

5)  Adding additives: Sometimes your fish may not be in a position to provide the nutrients for your plants. You will need to provide them with the relevant substances that they will need.Most of the cases you will need to add iron, potassium carbonate or calcium carbonate.  Aquaponic kit  having so many relevant substances.

So these are the important tips for designing an aquaponic system. You can browse your searches on the internet, there you can get many aquaponic nutrients and tools kit provider companies. From them you can get all the brief information.