Potential of Hydroponics to Surmount Forthcoming Food Scarcity

“Nothing is impossible”- this line is good for motivation but there are a lot of impossibilities in this world. One is surviving without the fulfillment of three basic but the most important requirements of the humanity- Food, water and land (shelter). There is no substitute of any of these three. Therefore, to continue to exist, global efforts of saving water and land are the exigencies in the present circumstances. Agriculture is one of the largest consumers of land and water. We cannot blame farmers as for satisfying the appetite of over six million humans, they have no option other than using extra water and land to produce more food.


Fortuitously, putting advanced farming techniques like hydroponics into practice makes both land and water savable. Besides saving these resources, this practice furthermore yields more safe food. It is known and proven fact that some people suffer from allergies due to pesticides and fertilizers used for putting a stop to the crop damage and inflating food production. However, this food is not out of harm’s way for all and sundry. For that reason, Western and some of the Asian countries has taken up hydroponics for meeting food demands going up every year.

This technique is well-accepted as it is entirely free from the usage of soil. Water consumption is also reduced by a significant percentage of 10-15. The other great advantage is abridged necessities of fertilizers and pesticides. Plants are grown in a blend of every single one nutrient vital for their health, growth, and productivity. So, the hydroponics consists of the potential to deal with the forthcoming time of food scarcity.


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