Here Are Some of the Advantages of Hydroponic Gardening

Almost every sector is taking the fullest advantage of developments being made in the technology. There are new gardening techniques being used which require fewer fertilizers and have more productivity. It is a kind of organic gardening in which plants are grown in a solution of nutrients, not in soil. There is a huge number of people buying hydroponics products to grow fruits and vegetables in areas where land is not fertile. It is a technique for growing healthy food with the minimum use of fertilizers and pesticides. Moreover, there is hardly any labor required. And, those who are using hydroponics products for growing food have not to worry about weeds. The nutritive value is under your control. This allows you to get better results in a brief span of time. Hydroponic gardens are simple and also very easy to maintain. You can have it in both outdoors and indoors.

Hydroponic Gardening

Here are some of the advantages of Hydroponic gardening:

  • Hydroponic gardening allows you to grow plants anywhere if you manage to meet all the requirements.
  • Traditional gardening requires a huge amount of water. In hydroponics gardening, you need only 1/20th of water used in traditional gardening.
  • No fertilizers, pesticides or any other chemical is required which makes it environment-friendly. There is no soil-borne disease that can damage your food. You are growing food in a controlled and disease-free environment.
  • Crops in hydroponic gardening grow two times faster than the traditional gardening. So, you can produce more.
  • The space required in hydroponic gardening is 20% less than the space required in traditional gardening for producing the same amount of food.
  • Water in traditional gardening is hardly reused. On the other hand, water is reused multiple times in a hydroponic gardening. This not only leads to water conservation but also makes food production less expensive.
  • Less labor is required to grow food in hydroponic gardens.
  • No soil setup and testing are involved in hydroponic gardening.
  • Plants grown in hydroponic gardening are healthier than plants grown in traditional gardening. Hydroponically grown plants have more nutritional value. For example, vitamin content in these plants is 50% more.
  • Harvesting is very easy in this type of gardening.
  • Don’t worry about the changing seasons. You can grow crops throughout the year.
  • Hydroponic gardening can be a relaxing hobby as it can relieve stress. Even your kids will love working with you.

So, it is clear that hydroponics is more productive and eco-friendly as compared to traditional gardening. If you want to produce food while enjoying quality time with your family, you can buy hydroponic products online.

How to Choose the Right Fish For Aquaponics

An aquaponics system offers food to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians as fish and plants are grown in the same system. In the aquaponics, fish holds a little more important position as the growth of plants depends on it. The waste of food and fish is dissolved in the water. The waste actually consists of all nutrients essentially required for the growth of plants. The water containing these nutrients is transferred from the fish tank to the growth bed. These nutrients are extracted by plants and the purified water is returned to the fish tank and a healthy environment is created for fish. Therefore, one should rear the right fish. Continue reading

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Canna Coco: CANNA COCO was the first refinement product line for coco. It is a refined mixture of high value coco substrates and fertilisers that pledge the paramount outcomes. It is an environmentally friendly and easy farming.

Canna Rhizotonic: RHIZOTONIC make softer the seed skin so that it can make the seed eruption and growing process easier. It is appropriate for growing in potting mix and hydro culture. From seed to harvest, you can use it throughout the entire growing cycle. It is used for root stimulating to provide the healthier and improved roots. It will expedite the growing process.

Hydroponics and its Types

Hydroponics is a subsection of soilless culture. Some plants do not grow in a typical weather so those plants can be cultivate din a controlled environment system like hydroponics.

Types of Hydroponics Systems:

Static Solution Culture: In this system, the plant should float on the water like lily pad or you need to create a flotation devise to preserve it from dipping to the bottom of your reservoir. The water should be flowing otherwise it will cause algae and its water has to be changed every week.

Continuous-flow solution culture:It can be used in many ways. One way is that the nutrients are kept in a reservoir while not being served through the pipe.Additional benefit is to use the nutrients resourcefully that it lets oxygen to extent the roots and because of the reservoir, water can also be calibrated effortlessly.

Gravity Fed Systems: It has a large container to be found above the plants and the water goes down through the plumbing to the plants in determined way.

Aeroponics: Aeroponics system in hydroponics is used for germinating new clones or grafting. It is the process of growing plants in an air without the use of soil or geopolitics.

Passive Sub irrigation:This kind of hydroponic system cultivates the plants in a permeable material like clay stones, vermiculite, fiberglass, coconut shell and per lite that contains water.

Ebb and Flow Sub irrigation: It is cheap and easy to use. This system uses a large container which is placed below the level of the plants being grown.

Run to Waste:It utilizes a developing medium that contains some water and dampness.It has sufficient space to allow air to reach the roots, which is very significant in hydroponics.

Deep Water Culture: It includes entirely immersing the roots into a highly oxygenated water solution for the plants entire life.

Use Top Quality Canna Range of Products to Increase Harvest

Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in shingle, pebbles with supplementary nutrients but devoid of soil. It is a great technique of sowing vegetables, fruits and thymes under completely controlled circumstances. In this process, the plants are sited in a cultivating medium and the nutrients are directly supplied to the roots.

Hydroponic horticultural systems can be arranged to recondition the water and nutrients. These days, the resources are critically dropping which are essential to cultivate food. Recycling or reconditioning hydroponic systems utilize less water that results in remarkable profits in meadows exclusively reliant on irrigation.

Aquaponics is a fusion of aquaculture and hydroponics. It means that fish and plants are developed in an integrated system, making a synergetic connection among the two. Aquaculture and hydroponic agriculture methods deliver the root for aquaponics systems in terms of intricacy, extent and the types of nutrients/floras developed in aquaponics systems.

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Canna Boost is made of natural plant essence and whether they are unrefined or dehydrated they considerably revive and improve metabolic rate and plants growth.

Canna Coco substrate is eco-friendly and there is no energy wastage during its production. It is an adequate and natural farming. It stores water and nutrients which mean plants can grow for longer period without water.

Canna Rhizotonic enhances overall plant growth along with its root development. It is constructive for plant’s root strength without any side-effects. In order to speed up the growing process, immerse seeds before planting.

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5 Frequent Problems With Aquaponics

Regardless of whether you’re highly experienced or a newcomer to aquaponics, mistakes can happen to anyone, and simple mistakes can cost you your time, money, fish and plants.

It can be very frustrating and time consuming when big mistakes happen, which is why it’s so important to monitor your aquaponics system often. Here are 5 frequent problems with aquaponics to serve as a reminder for you.

1) Not Testing Ammonia Levels Often

It’s vital that ammonia levels are checked frequently to ensure that there isn’t a build-up of the toxic substance. Too much of it in the fish tank is hazardous to the health of the fish and will end up killing them.

Ammonia is produced by the fish’s respiratory system and is discharged from their gills. Ammonia must be diluted, converted or removed completely. Test ammonia levels at least once a week, and look out for any dead fish as they will also produce ammonia.

2) Letting Bugs Roam

The moment you spot any bugs that are harmful to plants, such as aphids, it’s best to get rid of them before their population grows. You can combat them in the following ways.

Catch them with bug traps and throw them in the fish tank for fish to feed on. Fish will eat certain bugs such as caterpillars and slugs. You can save money on fish food this way.

Mix organic solution with water, and put the liquid in a bottle spray and spray your plants with it. Bugs will naturally repel from the smell as they will find it unattractive.

Use predator bugs such as ladybirds to eat plant critters such as aphids. Beetles and spiders are also good predators and will not damage your plants.

3) Having Too Many Fish In The Tank

As a general rule of thumb, for every 20 litres of water, there should be one fish. If you’re a bit more experienced you can have a denser population of fish but it requires more monitoring and more mistakes can happen.

For an efficient aquaponics system and healthy fish, you need to have a comfortable environment for your fish. Too much fish can lead to a build-up of ammonia and fish waste that will be excessive for the biofilter to handle.

4) Allowing The Water To Get Too Hot

It’s crucial to understand what temperature range your species of fish can live in. Having the water temperature too high will result in less oxygen for your fish.

The popular aquaponics fish, the Tilapia can handle warm tropical water temperatures while others prefer cooler climates. Check the temperature of your water at least once a week to see if it’s ideal for the fish you have in your tank.

5) Inflexible Aquaponics System Design

If you’re going to build your own aquaponics system, make sure that the design is properly planned out so that you can easily upscale or move your system later on if you want.

A common mistake that some people make is making their entire fish tank difficult to access by putting their grow bed right above it in a way where the four corners of the fish tank is hard to reach.

This is problematic because you need to be able to see what’s going on in all places of the fish tank, incase there’s dead fish or if you need to change the water.

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Hydroponic Xpress presents Superb Hydroponic Products

Today hydroponic process is in great trend, basically it is a branch of plant physiology in which we can grow plants with the use of mineral nutrient solutions but without the use of soils. To help the plant’s photosynthesize light is used as a source.There are many products in the market for the hydroponic system .By the help of these products you can grow plants in an effective manner.

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EC and pH Eq uipment : In this category of hydroponic there are many products like Bluelab Truncheon CF36, pH Kit Blister Pack Up and Down, pH Up Potassium Hydroxide, Bluelab Combo EC/pH Meter, Bluelab EC Handy Pen, Eutech EcoTestr EC High, Eutech EcoTestr TDS Low and many more.

Fans, Filters and Silencers : These are the German products and used in any application that requires air to be pulled or pushed through lengths of ducting. Many such products are available here: Can Fan RS150 and Can Filter 330mm Combo, Can – Fa n RS150, Can – Fan RS250 , Can – Fan RS315, Can Fan Silencer 1000mm, Can Filter 1000mm.

Flood and Drain or Ebb and Flow : These products are suitable for flood and drain or ebb and flow techniques. These are also good for acquaponics . Check out these products: Flood and Drain Kit 1.16m x 1.16m, Flood and Drain Tray 2040 x 1000mm, Flood and Drain Tray 1100 x 630mm.

Growing Media : These are high quality products and they are particularly suited for use in hydroponic cultivation systems.There are many products available here like: Canna Aqua Clay 45 liter, Cultilene 75 x 75 x 65mm, Coco Peat Nutrifield 50 Liter RHP, Cultilene Cube 75 x 75 x 65mm 40mm hole carton of 480, Canna Coco 50 liter.

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Aquaponics Food – 5 Greatest Benefits

The model of an aquaponics system may depict how our world’s food production will be in the future, due to the many benefits of have an aquaponics food source.
Aquaponics is the replication of a natural ecosystem, and the model can be dated back to the Aztec culture. However, it’s only in more recent years that people from all over the world have been adopting this system.
That’s no surprise when you see the 3 major benefits that an aquaponics food source brings.

1) Organic Produce
It’s important to have control over what you eat. Knowing what you’re eating will instil confidence to your mind knowing that it’s organic and healthy. Harmful chemicals are always being added to the food supply chain and practically all mass produced food will have traces of pesticide or herbicide, which are damaging to humans. At least in an aquaponics system, you feed your fish the right food and in return, they will provide you with fresh, tasty and healthy meat, fruits and vegetables.
2) Food Supply All Year Round
Regardless of the season, whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, an aquaponics system can be operated providing there is light (artificial or natural). This means that you can have the system indoors where certain aspects of your system can be controlled, or outside where there’s direct sunlight.

In terms of location, an aquaponics system can be moved around since many systems are portable enough to be relocated to different locations within your home. Ideally your system will do best in a greenhouse which is the most convenient for all-year round gardening.
You can look forward to having the freshest fish and vegetables since they’re coming direct from the source with no middle man in between. You can literally have a fish swimming around and 20 minutes later it’ll be sizzling on your dinner plate.
3) Money Saver
With each passing year, it appears that although you may be earning more, your money is able to buy less. It’s no coincidence that prices are rising in almost everything from petrol to food, and it’s essential to save as much money as you can especially during difficult economic times.
Your aquaponics system is one way that will reduce your grocery bills every month. It can cost less than one dollar to purchase plant seeds, and the cost of fish food will balance out the cost for fish as food. Plus, you will have all the fresh fruits and vegetables at-hand to feed yourself and your family.

Aquaponics – What is it & Can It Work For You?

How frequently do you really want to cultivate your own personal green vegetables, free of chemical substances and even toxins, simply organic meals for you, your young ones and your entire family to consume safely? How often have you pondered about choosing acreage which could give you your organic crops you crave? How frequently do you want to pick out your veggies without thinking of their climbing price tag? In the event that all of these concerns, the answer is a lot, then keep reading and discover how all of your desires will come true.
For that reason, let’s start with the beginning. The first creation that made farming far easier was hydroponics, which connected growing your green vegetables within specific containers with water. Nonetheless, the particular hydroponic model entails utilizing many chemical substances coupled with fertilizers, so the vegetation developing in there won’t really be organic and natural. However, using fertilizers and harsh chemicals is not required while constructing your own aquaponic system.

Aquaponics or aquaponic gardening involves raising plants and fish in a 100 % natural and valuable interdependence. And so, you develop fish inside a common tank and after a certain period of time (30 days) you will plant the seeds. Then you merely care of your fish and the vegetation definitely will mature and grow the natural way without the need for additional help from you.
The actual aquaponic concept is not so hard: the actual fish provide food in addition to fertilizer for the plant life (their excrements), while the plants maintain the fishes H2o, creating wonderful conditions so they can grow. Should you take proper care of your fish and make sure their H2o is always oxygen rich adequately, and then your vegetation will never require any other type of care. Thus, provided that your fish are satisfied, so will be your vegetation.

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The Efficient Product for Hydroponic Propagation

Today we all use modern techniques or tools for growing plants and all. Hydroponic is one of the methods to do so . Basically it is a process of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water without soil. By using this process you can grow plants in a superb manner.

When you use hydroponic system a term named hydroponic propagation is used. Well, Hydroponic Propagation is the easiest and fastest method of plant propagation. There are several products available in the market related to this process. Actually now a days there are many companies who provide the hydroponic and aquaponics products. But the question arises that what to choose and from where? Hydroponic Xpress is one of the largest warehouses and display centres in Perth from where you can purchase these hydroponic products or you can also shop online. Now when we talk about the product we have to be very clear about its specifications and all other details.


Here are some hydroponic propagation products discussed below, you can check out their details by reading this:

Cultilene: The Stone wool substrate is a genuine natural product made from volcanic rock, or basalt. One advantage of this structure is it facilitates better root distribution throughout the complete block, as does natural soil. It also encourages the growth of more hair roots in the top part of the slab, that permits the plants to absorb more nutrients.

GT Clonex Purple Cloning: A high performance plant-rooting compound comprising hormones, nutrients, vitamins and fungicides. It produces superior(hydroponics), consistent results and is the trusted propagating product for commercial and hobby growers.

Seed Kit Drain Tray: It is basically used for propagating seeds and seedlings.

Dutch Master Clone Fast Replicator: Gold Range Replicator is a naturally formed, gentle cutting gel that gives you great success time and time again when taking cuttings.

Seed Kit Complete: Comes complete with Cultilene rockwool growing cubes, base tray, drain tray and ventilated clear lid.

Propagation Kit with Spectralite Box: Complete propagation kit comes with spectrality grow box, 2 x flouros and heat mat plus two seed kits.

So these are the best propagation products for hydroponic process. By using these products you can actually adapt the new features of the plantation. For this you just have to visit the site and select the item you want to purchase and place an order to get that item.